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CCTV Installation Services in Manchester

Want to be secure? 

Our team of professional electricians in Manchester specialise in Swann CCTV security systems, the most popular choice for home security.

These are high quality systems that allow you to monitor your property via any smart device, a live feed to your phone that gives you peace of mind while away from home.

The cameras that cover the outside of your house have a dual purpose, not only do they capture video and images, they also act as a deterrent to any would-be burglars.

The infrared cameras work just as well at night, giving you and your family protection 24/7.

Access your valuables from anywhere in the world using your smart device.

Swann Security is a high quality system.  Cameras can be positioned anywhere around your property.

As long as you have a smart device you will be able to access your cameras with a click of a button.  Set up is included in our service.

For more information about the costs and how it works in more detail feel free to contact us.

As the saying goes 'rather be safe than sorry'.

Home security has come a long way in the past few years, contstanly evolving technology is helping to protect your property and possessions from theft or damage.

We are experts in CCTV installation in Manchester and the surrounding area, providing you with high quality security systems that fully cover your home, inside and out.

See below images of the various camera views.


We can provide CCTV installation in Manchester that suits your budget, from a few cameras that cover the front of the property to full coverage both inside and out.

The Swann system records images and video in high resolution, storing the data on a hard drive that has the capacity for 30 days continuous surveillance.

If you take advantage of the motion detection settings, then you will be able to record for a longer period and easily find any incidents that have been recorded.

By downloading the free smartphone app, you can remotely view live video from your cameras wherever you are. More comprehensive systems offer a 2TB hard drive that can record up to 80 days of video from multiple cameras.

All the cameras we install offer high quality colour images that are capable of identifying number plates, faces and clothing.

Pulse Electrix professional CCTV systems can help put your mind at ease, wherever you are in the world. The ability to view camera feeds live on your phone means you can monitor the situation at home day or night.

If you want any advice, or need any more information about CCTV installation in Manchester, please contact our office and we will be happy to help you.

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