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Property Maintenance Services in Manchester & Oldham


Unexpected maintenance: two words that can cause the most experienced property manager sleepless nights. The solution? Fast, reliable support from experts who have a proven track record of providing quality property maintenance in Manchester & Oldham: Pulse Electrix.

Comprehensive Property Maintenance for You

We offer a full range of electrical services and everything else you need to maintain your property. We rewire, carry out portable appliance testing and install and maintain alarm and CCTV systems. We have specialist plumbing and joinery staff too. Whatever maintenance work is required, we make sure that the plastering and flooring has a high quality finish. Our work meets the highest health and safety standards.

Start the Right Way

Maintaining properties safely is a legal requirement and maintenance problems cost time and money. Surveys show they are a major cause of owner and tenant dissatisfaction in all property types. The best way to avoid issues is to plan for maintenance from the start. It’s more economical to install everything that’s needed initially than to retro-fit. Taking the time to assess not only current but future requirements before making any changes makes sense, along with getting advice from the experts.

When it’s Less than Ideal

That’s the ideal, but all too often properties present a more complex situation in which one maintenance issue impacts on another. We're no strangers to those. In fact, we frequently deal confidently with nagging maintenance issues that others have found impossible to resolve.

Correct Maintenance Saves You Money

Still not sure whether the property maintenance for Manchester that we offer is best for you? Contact us to discover how our services save you money - we'll beat any current quote too.

We undertake every aspect of property maintenance in Manchester.  Some of the categories we cover are listed below:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Joinery
  • Flooring
  • Plastering
  • General DIY

Please note a service charge will be applied for direct tenant management.

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